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All photographs, images and contents displayed on this web site are the property of Pixel Art Creations and protected under the Canadian Copy right Laws. You may not use, duplicate or reproduce any photographs without express written permission from the owner. If you wish to obtain the rights to use the photographs or order prints, please contact me for a quote.

Marc was raised in Ottawa and began taking pictures since the early 80's. Back then it was the good old 35mm film camera. After graduating from the Algonquin College Photography program he started working at the Library and Archives Canada in Photography and is now with the Data & Migration section.

It’s only in the past few years that he got back into photography for his own pleasure. It didn't take him long to realize that a digital tool was going to be the enabler that he needed to give him his artistic voice. Combining and manipulating images through digital art introduces a somewhat surrealistic twist to his distinctive work to transform images into unique piece of art.

He believes there is no right or wrong way when it comes to producing art as it is a question of taste, style and interpretation. But there is an intuitive nature that defines his style and gives him a predisposition towards his artistic endeavors. What works for him may not feel right for someone else. His working practice is as personable as he is. He finds this digital tool truly inspirational as it gives him the creative freedom he craves to produce the highest quality in his artwork.

Since many of his images are labelled “digital” and don't look much like conventional photographs, many viewers are curious as to how is it possible to create artwork. Basically, he uses a computer to produce fine art from his own photographic origins. Although this technique is still new and controversial, it is a very powerful tool, not magic.  He uses a professional digital camera and all manipulation of the image is modified on a computer screen. He then prints his own work on specialized paper to capture the beauty of his creations.

Not only is he a photographer but also an artist. His camera is his canvas and the light he uses is his paintbrush. He gets great pleasure out of creating original art work that pushes his creativity.

For Marc everything is possible. One of his favorite quotes from Saul Leiter is “Photography allows you to learn to look and see. You begin to see things you’d never paid attention to.
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Some of my photos can be seen at  Studio Gissoo